Mybeebalmco wanted a site redesign that was focused on subscription based selling, They came to me for help and wanted to work with an expert Shopify Developer


  • Encourage subscription purchasing on their bee balm
  • Re-design website with a more branded feel.
  • Create mobile responsive pages
  • Create a great landing page


1. Offer clear a clear call to action on product and landing page

The 'why subscribe?' page linked from the landing page

One request was to remove confusion about their subscription plan, Designing a page with the subscription process laid out with detail and showing customer reviews was the solution.

2. Subscription upselling in cart

In cart upsell

As it related to a request, We wanted to let the customer know that if they weren't subscribing they were actually losing money. This was done with a simple selling plan allocation check, that if not passed for a subscription plan, Will display under the product "Are you sure you want to pay more"? and provides a quick link back to the product where they can change their one time purchase to a multi option subscription. This was done with liquid code (Shopifys language)

3. Dynamic product info to highlight benefits

Strawberry extracts is a unique feature to this product

Something that can help with the conversion rate is giving your customer reasons why - Why they should buy from you, What are they getting with the product - etc.. These simple things are always a great Just using simple svgs from the noun project

4. Create a great landing on mobile and desktop


This was a fun project and I learned alot from it!

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